Breakfast at Tiffany's

You know what’s wrong with you, Miss Whoever-You-Are? You’re chicken. You got no guts. You’re afraid to say, ‘O.K., life’s a fact.’ People do fall in love. People do belong to each other, because that’s the only chance anybody’s got for real happiness. You call yourself a free spirit, a wild thing. You’re terrified somebody’s going to stick you in a cage. Well, baby, you’re already in that cage. You built it yourself. And it’s not bounded by Tulip, Texas or Somali land. It’s wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.



coco chanel.

From her first millinery shop, opened in 1912, to the 1920s, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel rose to become one of the premier fashion designers in Paris, France. Replacing the corset with comfort and casual elegance, her fashion themes included simple suits and dresses, women's trousers, costume jewelry, perfume and textiles.

Coco Chanel claimed a birthdate of 1893 and a birthplace of Auvergne; she was actually born in 1883 in Saumur. According to her version of her life story, her mother worked in the poorhouse where Gabrielle was born, and died when Gabrielle was only six, leaving her father with five children whom he promptly abandoned to the care of relatives.

She adopted the name Coco during a brief career as a cafe and concert singer 1905-1908. First a mistress of a wealthy military officer then of an English industrialist, Coco Chanel drew on the resources of these patrons in setting up a millinery shop in Paris in 1910, expanding to Deauville and Biarritz. The two men also helped her find customers among women of society, and her simple hats became popular.

Soon Coco Chanel was expanding to couture, working in jersey, a first in the French fashion world. By the 1920s, her fashion house had expanded considerably, and her chemise set a fashion trend with its "little boy" look. Her relaxed fashions, short skirts, and casual look were in sharp contrast to the corset fashions popular in the previous decades. Chanel herself dressed in mannish clothes, and adapted these more comfortable fashions which other women also found liberating.

In 1922 Coco Chanel introduced a perfume, Chanel No. 5, which became and remained popular, and remains a profitable product of Chanel's company. Pierre Wertheimer became her partner in the perfume business in 1924, and perhaps also her lover. Wertheimer owned 70% of the company; Coco Chanel received 10% and her friend Bader 20%. The Wertheimers continue to control the perfume company today.

Coco Chanel introduced her signature cardigan jacket in 1925 and signature "little black dress" in 1926. Most of her fashions had a staying power, and didn't change much from year to year -- or even generation to generation.

Coco Chanel briefly served as a nurse in World War I. Nazi occupation meant the fashion business in Paris was cut off for some years; Chanel's affair during World War II with a Nazi officer also resulted in some years of diminished popularity and an exile of sorts to Switzerland. In 1954 her comeback restored her to the first ranks of haute couture. Her natural, casual clothing including the Chanel suit once again caught the eye -- and purses -- of women. She introduced pea jackets and bell bottom pants for women. She was still working in 1971 when she died. Karl Lagerfeld has been chief designer of Chanel's fashion house since 1983.

In addition to her work with high fashion, Coco Chanel also designed stage costumes for such plays as Cocteau's Antigone (1923) and Oedipus Rex (1937) and film costumes for several movies, including Renoir's La Regle de Jeu. Katharine Hepburn starred in the 1969 Broadway musical Coco based on the life of Coco Chanel.



The closer I get To You
The more you’ll make me see
By giving me all you got
Your love has captured me

Over and over again
I try to tell myself that
We could never be more than friends
And all the while inside
I knew it was real
The way you make me feel

Lying here in you arms
Time just seems to fly
Needing you more and more
Let’s give love a try

Sweeter than sweeter love grows
And heavens there for those
Who fool the tricks of time
With hearts of love define
True love
In a special way

The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all I’ve got
Your love has captured me

Over and over again I try to tell myself that we could never be more than friends
And all the while inside
I knew it was real
The way you make me feel


This could have been just another day
But instead we're standing here
No need for words it's all been said
In the way you hold me near
I was alone on this journey
You came along to comfort me
Everything I want in life is right here

This is not your ordinary
No ordinary love
I was not prepared enough
To fall so deep in love
This is not your ordinary
No ordinary love
You were the first to touch my heart
And everything right again with your extraordinary love

I get so weak when you look at me
I get lost inside your eyes
Sometimes the magic is hard to believe
But you're here before my very eyes
You brought joy to my world
Set me so free
I want you to understand
You're every breath that I breathe

From the very first time that we kissed
I knew that I just couldn't let you go at all
From this day on, remember this:
That you're the only one that I adore
Can we make this last forever
This can't be a dream
'Cause it feels so good to me


Lead me on girl if you must
Take my heart and my love
Take of me all that you want
And if there's a thing that you need
I'd give you breath that I breathe
And if ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever Wherever Whatever baby

Wish I knew if I could
Be the one that you would
love forever and a day baby
And if there's a thing that you need
For you 'n your blood I would bleed
And if ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever Wherever Whatever baby

And if there's a thing that you need
I'd give you the breath that I breathe
And if ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever Wherever Whatever baby
Whenever Wherever Whatever


the devils wears prada ;O

Went to watch "The Devil Wears Prada" yesterday. Starring the beautiful Anne Hathaway, she was really fantastic as Andrea Sachs and I love every bit of her flawless porcelain complexion, her elegant demeanor, sweetness, hair, clothes and fashion (After the makeover though, this shows how important FASHION really is). Omg, after watching this, I couldn't lay my eyes on any of the clothes in the local shopping mall. Pathetic huh?! Those designer's clothes are really amazing! And it's an eye opener for me, I'm now not only limited to the acknowledgment of Nike or Adidas or Oreef, Christian Dior, Elle There are actually so much out there! Including those I'd already know and newly acquainted ones, and those really impossible-to-pronounce Italian brands (D&G, Armani, Prada, Bang & Olufsen FYI, this is like the Rolex for audio and electrical gadgets, Calvin Klein etc..) . And you know what? Fashion IS something we ought to learn a lot from. It isn't just about gay designers or rich and famous airheads attending fashion shows and shower in the latest designer's thongs or any of those expensive accessories. It's really about the competition and race of fashion out there. Just like technology. These are the factors which drives the world on. World of fashion. C'mon, you don't wanna wear a leaf covering only your manhood forever huh?

Not forgetting Meryl Streep too as Miranda Priestly, who has been nominated in Oscar more than any other actress has accomplished. So she's the legend alright, and here she's portraying the legend in the fashion industry - Miranda who is downright EVIL and mean editor in chief for Runway. Damn, she hit the role really well, and I love her. Yes, I don't hate her for being hell from boss. I actually liked her, her meanness, and u-must-do-whatever-I-say-or-scram attitude, for being such an acumen and astitute figure. Bad ass one maybe. Yea, I liked that but I'm definitely no where near the hellish boss, I mean working for her is really torture. But I realized something though, and it's right after all. Quote from Nigel, "when you realized your personal life is going out of hand, it's about time you get a promotion". You gain something, then you gotta lose something. It's FAIR.

I liked the ending very well. I'm relieved that Andrea had finally realizes wad she really wanted to do and intended to do all the while, her initial goal - Journalism. And she's made the best choice finally. (Of course, ditching your boss halfway in a fashion trip to Paris was a bit far-fetched) But then that was only what she would've done so well, with integrity. Something she wouldn't have to gain by hurting other people, by sabotaging other people's career. NO, she realized that just in time. Thank goodness huh? It's really saddening to see someone drift away from their beliefs and path as they got influenced by their surroundings. She was nearly one of the "Clackers"(suck up bimbo on ridiculous heels). She nearly changed into another Andy. The Andy that would do ANYTHING for her own career, even something terrible. I was praying hard she wouldn't turn out like her boss. Quote "I'm still the old Andy, just with nicer clothes". If only it were that simple. NO. It's never that simple.

In a whole it was totally awesome and I mean it! Being a picky movie buff myself, it's really hard to find a good film nowadays. And yea, it's been a while since I've watched something so eye-candy, compelling at the same time educating. Oh yea, how could I forget? The music was great! I've listened to the whole soundtrack already and it was great. I love the "Suite from The Devil Wears Prada" best. It sure get me all hyped up and ready for a fashion makeover.

What I love most about the film?
They looked awe
some on Anne Hathaway, and she's such a bright star in the film despite the fact she's already working with the legendary Meryl, but Anne exudes her personal star "scent" that really captures the audience. I'm beginning to love this girl already. She's really great.

In the movie, there's one part, albeit comical but funny part where Miranda would come in the office and hurl heavy furry-expensive-designer's jackets and her Gucci, Prada branded bags on Andy's table every morning, plus those really silly demands like where's my paper that I read yesterday and etc...But my favorite has to be the TRANSFORMATION. From a I-don't-care-about-fashion ordinary girl, maybe a bit messed up to a dazzling Prada-Gucci-D&G-endorsement-ahead-of-fashion supermodel. Can't imagine? Let the photos do the talking.

Isn't it just eye candy? *drools* I really loved the outfit. Actually this is not ALL. I might capture from the movie itself once I've gotten the DVD. I enjoyed the part where Andy was racing through the streets, and I think they flashed about 5-10 outfits there? All different and damn nice. OMG. It feels so good to be rich and ready to spend on the expensive designer's clothes. *snap back to reality*

Trivia - they've spent more than millions on the clothes in the movie alone. Yikes.

Alright, hope those who've not watched it will watch it. It's a great film. Currently reading the book. It's pretty long-winded though. Nevertheless, I hope the book is good as well. I want to be a devil :)

Gossip Girl: All You Need to Know About Season 3!

PERFECT PAIR?...Ed Westwick won't reveal whether or not his character, Chuck, will continue his bad-boy ways this season, only hinting, "Well, you know, we like to keep our audience on their toes,"

GIRL TALK...In a September 2008 interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Lively shot down rumors that she and costar Meester were frenemies. “It’s absurd. We get along so well," she told the mag

KISS ME!...Although Serena's love interests may be fleeting, Blake Lively knows there’s nothing short-lived about the fashions her cast wears on the show. "The fashion is just unbelievable," she says. "You can watch our show

STYLE MAVEN...Jessica Szohr says her style has benefited thanks to her role. "I've been introduced to so many different designers working on the show so I'm definitely getting to try out some great new looks," she says. "I love experimenting with accessories."

BLONDE BOMBSHELL...Taylor Momsen (here with Connor Paolo) identifies with her character Jenny's funky fashion sense. "People used to make fun of me at school because I wore all vintage clothes while they were all Abercrombie-d out," Momsen has said.

THE NEW GIRL...Formerly of CW's Privileged, Joanna Garcia, joins the cast this season as Bree Buckley, a love interest of Chace Crawford’s Nate Archibald.

HAT TRICK...The look of love: "I don't think that either Nate or Chuck are right for blair, but maybe she'll end up with one of them," Leighton Meester

DADDY DUTY...Matthew Settle, who plays Rufus, says his Gossip peers think fatherhood has calmed him down. "They're a little bit nervous about me being a dad because I have a tendency to be a little bit of a clown," Settle jokes.

ROUNDTABLE...Unlike his character, Westwick understands how to stay cool even with all the perks that come with a TV role. "You get a lot of free clothes and s--t but that's no reason not to stay grounded," he reasons. "What am I really doing, baby? Saving the world? Nah, I'm on television."

NEWBIES...For season two, Chris Riggi and Elena Hurst join the Upper East Siders as they enter college at New York University

BACK IN TOWN...Just when viewers hoped the evil Georgina was out of the picture, actress Michelle Trachtenberg told New York magazine she's not going anywhere. "Georgina's always going to be an element of Gossip Girl." This season, Georgina rooms with Blair at NYU.

LOOK ME IN THE EYES..."Chuck is an iconic character and the clothes are iconic," Westwick says of Chuck's edgy on-screen style. "I think I rock the look well."

SUIT UP...Chace Crawford says the role of preppy Nate Archibald is just his style. "I'd much rather play that than the funny guy," Crawford has said. " takes it a little more seriously

LUXE LOOK...Blair Waldorf's sophisticated wardrobe is something to desire, agrees her portrayer, Leighton Meester: "I wish I had the money for style like that."

REAL-LIFE GOSSIP...“Since I grew up in Wisconsin, I identify most with Vanessa. She didn't live on the Upper East Side and had a job in high school!” Szohr told Teen Vogue magazine

COLLEGE CROWD...As the cast enters their freshman year, Trachtenberg told New York magazine, "there is definitely going to be a lot of college drama. But probably no freshman 15."



ANGELINA JOLIE, AGE 14TH = After having sex for the first time, "the emotions didn't feel enough," she has said. So to feel closer to her mate, she said she "grabbed a knife and cut him."

FERGIE, AGE 18TH = "I've always been a very sexual person," she has said. "I've always had to hold myself back - I lost my virginity at 18. But that took a lot of willpower.

KELLY OSBOURNE, AGE 13TH = The same year she lost her virginity, "I convinced myself I was pregnant...." she has said. "I hadn't even gotten my period.

MEGAN FOX, AGE 17TH = She has said her first time wasn't "awkward" because she was "in love . . . it was nice."

PARIS HILTON, AGE 15TH = Tori Spelling's brother Randy claimed he took the heiress' virginity two months after meeting her in Palm Springs.

SIENNA MILLER, AGE 16TH = She has said her mother insisted she have sex at home. "She would say, 'I'd rather you did it in my house if you're going to do it at all,'" Miller has said.

Que diable sont-ils Thingking about? Euw


Suri, in a $90 Polka dress and $50 Seed cardigan.